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The fastest way to get new people into SimpleReport and start conducting tests is through patient self-registration. Only new patients can self-register.

To offer self-registration to your patients:

  1. Go to the gear icon, then click on the Patient self-registration page on SimpleReport. Use the Organization link if you want the patient to be able to get tested at any of your locations, or use the relevant Testing facility link if they will only be tested at one location. The SimpleReport app with self-registration page shown
  2. Send the link to new patients before their test via email, text message, mail, etc. You can also give out the link in person at your testing facility using a sign or printed form with a QR code, for example.
  3. Patients complete the self-registration form online, at their convenience.
  4. When they arrive for testing, simply search for patients by name in SimpleReport and follow your normal process to check them in.