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Bulk upload patients

To report results for patients in SimpleReport, you first need to add their information to the system. You can add patients individually, ask them to register themselves, or upload multiple patients at once using a spreadsheet.

This page guides you through the bulk upload process, including how to format your spreadsheet and how to upload it.

Uploading your patient CSV

To upload your patient spreadsheet to SimpleReport, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the patient data in your spreadsheet matches the formatting requirements below. SimpleReport will validate your data when you upload the CSV, and any errors will prevent you from successfully submitting results (you’ll have the chance to fix errors and resubmit).
  2. When you’re ready to upload your spreadsheet, click Patients at the top of the page. SimpleReport's top navigation, with the "People" tab selected
  3. Click the Add patients button at the top right of the screen. From the dropdown menu that appears, select Import from spreadsheet. The user's mouse hovering over the "Add patients" button toward the top right of the page
  4. If you’ve already formatted your data, skip to the second step on this page. To add the patients in your spreadsheet to a single facility, select One facility. To add the patients to all facilities in your organization, select All facilities. You can’t select a subset of facilities in your organization.

    If you want to add certain patients to specific facilities in your organization, create a spreadsheet for each facility to upload separately (for example, if you work for a school district, you can create a file for each school that includes the relevant students and staff). SimpleReport's patient bulk upload page radio button options to choose one facility or all facilities
  5. Drag your CSV file into the upload box, or choose it from your computer browser. Once the right file is selected, click Upload CSV file. A file selected in the patient uploader box with an upload button below
  6. SimpleReport will check to make sure your data is in the correct format. If the data is incorrect, SimpleReport will show an error message with guidance about what you need to fix below it.
  7. (If you get errors) Following the error message guidance, edit your spreadsheet and save it. Try uploading it again (step 5).
  8. Once SimpleReport confirms that your data is properly formatted, it will add the patients. This can take up to 10 minutes or more. The process will continue even if you leave SimpleReport, and we’ll send an email to alert you when it’s done.

Once you get an email confirming the upload is complete, you can view and report test results for the new patients on SimpleReport.

Preparing your spreadsheet data

Before you upload your spreadsheet on SimpleReport, make sure your patient data closely follows the guidance below. In general, you must:

  • Match all your field headers to the column names listed below
  • Include all required columns below in your CSV
  • Include values in all required fields, following guidance below
  • Leave out text in cells for optional fields you don’t want to include (for example, don’t write “N/A” in a field)

Data elements

Column name Required? Format Notes
last_name Yes Any
first_name Yes Any
middle_name Any
suffix Any
race Yes Select from these values:
  • 1002-5 or American Indian or Alaska Native
  • 2028-9 or Asian
  • 2054-5 or Black or African American
  • 2076-8 or Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
  • 2106-3 or White
  • 2131-1 or Other
  • ASKU or Ask, but unknown
  • UNK or Unknown
date_of_birth Yes MM/DD/YYYY, M/D/YYYY, MM/DD/YY, or M/D/YY Yes: 07/01/1993
Yes: 7/1/1993
Yes: 7/1/93
biological_sex Yes Select from these values:
  • M or Male
  • F or Female
  • O or Other
  • U or Unknown
  • A or Ambiguous
  • N or Not applicable
ethnicity Yes Select from these values:
  • 2135-2 or Hispanic or Latino
  • 2186-5 or Not Hispanic or Latino
  • UNK or Unknown
street Yes 500 characters or fewer. If address is unknown or patient is unhoused, write ** Unknown / not given ** in this field.
street_2 500 characters or fewer
city 500 characters or fewer
county 500 characters or fewer
state Yes Any 2-character state or US/Canada territory code. If address is unknown or patient is unhoused, write NA in this field. Yes: CA
No: Arkansas
country If you leave this blank, it will default to USA.
zip_code Yes Use format 00000 or 00000-0000. If address is unknown or patient is unhoused, write 00000 in this field. Yes: 53421
Yes: 53421-7890
email Email address Yes:
phone_number Yes 000-000-0000 Yes: 123-456-7890
No: (123) 456-7890
Yes Select from one of these values:
  • Mobile
  • Landline
Yes Select from one of these values:
  • Y or YES
  • N or NO
  • U or UNK
Yes Select from one of these values:
  • Y or YES
  • N or NO
  • U or UNK
role If including, select from one of these values:
  • Staff
  • Resident
  • Student
  • Visitor
  • Unknown
If you leave this blank, it will default to Unknown.
gender_identity Select from one of these values:
  • Female
  • Male
  • Transwoman
  • Transman
  • Nonbinary
  • Other
  • Refused
address_notes Any Details about a patient's location or alternative contact information