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What's new

Check out the latest features and updates to SimpleReport

Import multiple patients by uploading a CSV

Add multiple patients at once

You now have the option to add patients in bulk. Follow our CSV data guidelines, then select “Import patients from spreadsheet“ to upload. As before, you can also add patients individually, or ask them to register themselves.

Reporting multiple results with a CSV bulk upload

Report results in bulk using a spreadsheet

In addition to submitting one test at a time, you now have the option to report multiple test results at once with a CSV file. Find the bulk results uploader and guidelines under the Results tab in SimpleReport.

Entering flu and COVID-19 results for a patient

Entering flu results for multiplex devices

Facilities using devices that test for both COVID-19 and flu must now enter results for both diseases into SimpleReport. Patients that test positive will get disease-specific treatment guidance with their test results.

Selecting a test result to email to a patient

Send results over text or email

Send test results to patients via text or email at any time. Results can be sent to multiple phone numbers and email addresses, directly from the Results page on SimpleReport.

Download multiple test results

Download results

Admin and standard users can now download test results as a CSV file. Download all results, or filter by date, result, or role before downloading. Analyze and view results and identify trends quickly and easily.