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A simpler way to report rapid point-of-care tests Sign up for free
simplereport displayed on a tablet

SimpleReport is a fast, free, and easy way for your organization to report results to public health departments.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • 100% free
  • Works with any diagnostic test
  • Maintains HIPAA standards
simplereport displayed on a tablet

How it works

SimpleReport fits into your existing workflow.

search by patient name

No more repeat data entry

Skip re-entering the same data every time you report. Just pull up a name and click a few buttons, or upload a spreadsheet. It’s that easy.

submit test result

Reporting done for you

SimpleReport automatically converts your data into the format required by your public health department. Real-time reporting submits test results the moment you record them — saving you time.

What you need to know

Signing up for SimpleReport is easy. Only one person from each organization or workplace has to sign up and verify their identity. Then you’re ready to test.

If you’re in a state or territory where we're already set up, you can sign up now and expect to be up and running in about a week. Otherwise, you can join the waitlist, and we’ll let you know when SimpleReport comes to your area.

You won’t need to install an app or buy any fancy equipment. As long as you have a computer or tablet with an internet connection, you can use SimpleReport.

SimpleReport automatically sends data to your state public health department. If your local public health departments don’t receive this data directly from the state or have additional requirements, SimpleReport can send the data directly to local public health departments too. If you're curious about particular reporting requirements, have a look at the SimpleReport data catalog.

Check out the SimpleReport demo to try out features using sample data. See how SimpleReport could work for you.

Go to the demo

Where you can use SimpleReport

SimpleReport is available in many parts of the country and is quickly expanding to new states and territories.

Map of supported jurisdictions

View the list of supported states and jurisdictions.

Ready to simplify your rapid point-of-care test reporting?

If you report to a location where SimpleReport is already set up, you can sign up now. If not, join the waitlist and we’ll let you know when SimpleReport is available to you.

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Free and created by the CDC

Developed for testing sites and public health departments, SimpleReport is 100% free.

Safe and secure

Test results and patient information are securely stored and protected by two-factor authentication, database encryption, and HTTPS.