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How to sign up for SimpleReport

Your first step is to choose just one person to sign up for your organization account. They’ll create the account and complete identity verification. This person — called the account administrator — can add testing facilities and staff after creating the organization account.

Organizations and facilities

What’s an organization? Organizations are companies, institutions, school systems, and more, that often have multiple testing facilities or locations as part of their network. For example, John Doe School District is the “organization” that includes Highland High School, Middleton Middle School, etc.

Each individual school is considered a “testing facility” that must be connected to its parent organization in SimpleReport. If you don’t have a parent organization that’s ok — you’ll just enter in your information a bit differently when you sign up.

Let’s get started.

SimpleReport sign-up checklist

Organization administrators need to complete a few steps to sign up for a SimpleReport organization account. After that, we recommend taking a look at our training resources to learn how to use SimpleReport.

  • Fill out your organization information
  • Enter your personal contact details
  • Verify your identity
  • (optional) Get training

Fill out your organization information

You’ll fill out basic information about your organization and your work contact details as part of our SimpleReport organization sign up.

Make sure the organization name that you enter in the form is accurate, since this is the name that SimpleReport will share with your public health department.

Enter your personal contact details

As the organization administrator, you’ll provide your personal contact information to help verify your identity.

Verify your identity

You’ll answer identity verification questions with our verification partner, Experian. This takes just a few minutes and doesn’t impact your credit score.

If Experian can’t verify your identity, you’ll need to schedule a separate video call. During the call, you’ll be asked to show two forms of ID. We recommend a driver’s license and a work ID, or you can use any of the documents on this list.

Your SimpleReport account will be accessible after your identity is verified. You’ll simply activate and log in to your account.

(optional) Get training

Learn how to use SimpleReport:

Add testing facilities and staff: Once you’re all set up in SimpleReport you can invite other staff members or add more facilities.