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What is ReportStream?

Public health departments receive SimpleReport testing data via ReportStream (previously known as the PRIME Data Hub). ReportStream is a free and open source data platform that makes it easier for testing facilities to send their COVID-19 test results to public health departments. Diagram showing how SimpleReport, lab, and hospitals all send data to the Data Hub, which then sends data to state and county public health departments

There are three main reasons for public health departments to use ReportStream:

  • You’ll receive data from SimpleReport. If your jurisdiction wants to receive COVID-19 test results from SimpleReport, you’ll need to build an integration with ReportStream.
  • You’ll have to support fewer connections. ReportStream’s model focuses on aggregating data from multiple sources and senders, which you’ll receive together in a single feed.
  • You’ll get more complete, timely data. ReportStream validates data from its senders and transfers it to you at your preferred frequency and in your preferred format.

To have testing facilities in your jurisdiction send you data through SimpleReport, you need to connect to ReportStream. Learn more on the ReportStream website.