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SimpleReport data catalog

If you use SimpleReport, or you’re a public health department receiving data from SimpleReport, here’s what you can expect. SimpleReport captures all of the data needed to meet the requirements described in the U.S. government’s COVID-19 Lab Data Reporting guidance, including ask on order entry questions and a unique specimen ID.

SimpleReport sends test results to public health departments as HL7 2.5.1 ELR (electronic lab results) through ReportStream. View the full ReportStream documentation [GitHub]. You can also learn more on the ReportStream website.

Types of data fields

Data created in SimpleReport falls into three categories:

  • Required: user must enter this data
  • Optional: users may enter this data, but are able to submit test results without completing it
  • System-generated: the SimpleReport system automatically creates this data

Patient information

  • Patient’s first name (required)
  • Patient’s middle name (optional)
  • Patient’s last name (required)
  • Patient’s role (optional)
    • Example: student, staff/employee, resident, visitor
  • Patient’s facility (required)
    • Selected from organization’s facilities
  • Patient’s preferred language (optional)
  • Patient’s date of birth (required)
  • Patient address (required)
    • SimpleReport standardizes addresses:
      • Patient’s street address (required)
      • Patient’s city (required)
      • Patient’s county (system-generated)
      • Patient’s state (required)
      • Patient’s zip code (required)
  • Patient’s phone number (required)
  • Patient’s email (optional)
  • Patient’s sex assigned at birth (required)
    • Female
    • Male
    • Other
    • Prefer not to answer
  • Patient’s race (required)
    • American Indian/Alaskan Native
    • Asian
    • Black/African American
    • Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander
    • White
    • Other
    • Prefer not to answer
  • Patient’s ethnicity (required)
  • Patient’s tribal affiliation (optional)
  • Is the patient a resident of a congregate living setting? (required)
  • Is the patient employed in healthcare? (required)

Ask on order entry

  • Is the patient symptomatic for this disease? (optional)
    • If yes, list symptoms
    • Illness onset date
  • Is the patient pregnant? (optional)

Test information

  • Device Name (system-generated)
    • The SimpleReport user selects from a dropdown menu
  • Ordered test code (system-generated)
    • LOINC code of the test performed. This is a standardized coded value describing the test.
  • Swab Type (system-generated based on device)
  • Test date (required)
    • The default test date is today


  • Specimen ID (system-generated and unique for every test result)
  • Corrected result ID (optional)
    • This field is usually blank, and is used to correct or modify a past test result
  • Test result code (required and system-generated SNOMED code)

SimpleReport collects testing facility information and organization information. A testing facility can be part of a larger parent organization or company, like a school district, chain of nursing homes, health system, or university.

The testing lab and ordering facility are the same thing in SimpleReport, so you’ll receive information about the same entity.

  • Testing lab’s name (required)
  • Testing lab’s CLIA (required)
    • SimpleReport doesn’t enforce unique CLIAs
  • Testing lab’s street address (required)
  • Testing lab’s city (required)
  • Testing lab’s state (required)
  • Testing lab’s zip code (required)
  • Testing lab’s phone number (required)
  • Testing lab’s county (system generated)
  • Organization name (required)
    • Use when an organization (like a large hospital system) owns many facilities
  • Ordering facility’s name (required)
  • Ordering facility’s street address (required)
  • Ordering facility’s city (required)
  • Ordering facility’s state (required)
  • Ordering facility’s zip code (required)
  • Ordering facility’s phone number (required)
  • Ordering facility’s county (system-generated)
  • Ordering facility’s email (optional)
  • Reporting facility’s name (required)
  • Reporting facility’s CLIA (required)
    • SimpleReport doesn’t enforce unique CLIAs

  • Ordering provider’s ID (optional)
    • The ordering provider’s National Provider Identifier
  • Ordering provider’s last name (optional)
  • Ordering provider’s first name (optional)
  • Ordering provider’s street address (optional)
  • Ordering provider’s city (optional)
  • Ordering provider’s state (optional)
  • Ordering provider’s zip code (optional)
  • Ordering provider’s phone number (optional)
  • Ordering provider’s county (optional)

The sample data below is not real. It’s here to give you a sense of the information you’ll receive from SimpleReport. All required and system-generated fields appear in the example data below, but only some optional fields appear.

Patient information

Patient information

  • Patient’s last name: Doe
  • Patient’s first name: Jane
  • Patient’s middle name: A
  • Patient’s date of birth: 1/1/1970
  • Patient address
    • Patient’s street address: 1234 Maple Street
    • Patient’s city: Springfield
    • Patient’s county: Pleasantview
    • Patient’s state: IA
    • Patient’s zip code: 12345
  • Patient’s phone number: (123) 456-7890
  • Patient’s sex: Female
  • Patient’s race: Black or African American
  • Patient’s role: Visitor

Ask on order entry

  • Is the patient employed in healthcare? No
  • Is the patient a resident of a congregate setting? No
  • Is this the patient’s first test for COVID-19?: Yes
  • Is the patient symptomatic for this disease?: Yes
    • Symptoms: Chills, Fever, Cough
    • Symptom Onset Date: 1/30/2021

Test information

Test information

  • Device Name: Abbott BinaxNow
  • Ordered test code: 94558-4
  • Swab Type: Nasal swabs
  • Test date: 2/1/2021


  • Specimen ID: 30aea118-1eae-41db-8aea-0652358fc37b
  • Test result code: Negative

Testing lab/facility/organization information

  • Testing lab’s name: Your Local Facility
  • Testing lab’s CLIA: 12D3456789
  • Testing lab’s street address: 987 Main Street
  • Testing lab’s city: Springfield
  • Testing lab’s state: IA
  • Testing lab’s zip code: 12345
  • Testing lab’s phone number: (987) 654-3210
  • Testing lab’s county: Pleasantview
  • Organization name: Iowa Communities Testing
  • Ordering facility’s name: Your Local Facility
  • Ordering facility’s street address: 987 Main Street
  • Ordering facility’s city: Springfield
  • Ordering facility’s state: IA
  • Ordering facility’s zip code: 12345
  • Ordering facility’s phone number: (987) 654-3210
  • Ordering facility’s county: Pleasantview
  • Reporting facility’s name: Your Local Facility
  • Reporting facility’s CLIA: 12D3456789

Ordering provider information

  • Ordering provider’s ID: 1538234679
  • Ordering provider’s last name: Smith
  • Ordering provider’s first name: Barbara
  • Ordering provider’s city: Northville
  • Ordering provider’s state: IA
  • Ordering provider’s zip code: 23456